A business is a living entity that entrepreneurs bring to life.  It grows, it falls and skins its knees, gets lost and finds the right path again.  The SINGLE most important thing you take on your journey of raising a business or organization of any kind is the VISION.

At Trinity Financial Consulting we appreciate the power of the entrepreneur’s Vision, and the first step in the process of identifying the right financial path is to make sure it is in alignment with your goals, convictions and dreams.

The following questions are the starting point for the process of identifying your vision from this point in your journey.

1)     Tell us about the beginning.  By this we mean the VERY beginning, what was the idea, concept, driving force that caused you to take the risky yet satisfying step of creating a business?  Write it down if it’s helpful.

a.     What did the first days look and feel like?

b.     What drove your decisions?

c.     What items have been manifested?

d.     What item(s) have been a struggle to implement?


2)     If you take that dream to its ultimate – if money and resources were no obstacle – what would your business or organization look like?

a.     How many customers/clients/members would you serve?

b.     Would you have multiple locations?

c.     How many employees? What would your leadership team look like?

d.     What would clients and friends talk about when they speak about your organization?

3)     Now look at where you are today.  How far from that very beginning are you?  What steps did you take to get there?  As a new business you made decisions about the name, location, product and service offerings, you made a business plan.  It’s time to do that again, but from where you are today, and identifying key strategic points on the path to that ultimate vision.  Those strategic points could be increasing current product development, new products & solutions, new online platform or new partners?  Don’t leave anything out – it’s easier to combine steps than add them in later.

4)     The fourth step is to break down the path to the next major strategic milestone.  What do you need?  What potential obstacles might be faced?

Once you’ve completed the above steps – and it won’t be easy (but then, what value would it be if it was?), finish off by carefully documenting your passion, your plans, your ultimate vision and sharing it with your team.

This work is a valuable part of creating the business organization that you dreamt of when the idea first came to you so let us help you fulfill your dreams & passion.