The key to successfully helping you meet your Financial Goals, whether it’s a new construction, a refinance of existing debt or purchasing a new facility, is to follow the Trinity Process.  This article introduces that process and in the coming months, we’ll delve deep into each step, helping you understand its importance, and how it fits into the overall project.
Our first job is to listen and understand your Vision for your organization.  We firmly believe that if you can name it, you can claim it (achieve it).  Understanding where you’re going, and seeing the end result is where every dream and calling begins.
Then, we follow the following steps:


  1. Review session to understand current & future needs and how they fit in with your Vision.
  2. Understand your financials, cash flow, and borrowing potential
  3. Stewardship: Count the cost of each phase including eventual ongoing expenses.  Implement a savings program.
  4. Analysis of ALL available options.
  5. Careful planning –> Then Spring into Action! (Save You Time, Money and Energy)
  6. Proper and orderly sequence of events – don’t put the roof on, before building the walls.