Good stewardship of resources and implementation of your vision, requires two things be at the center of your planning:
  1. How does the proposed project or need fit into “The Big Picture” of your vision.
  2. Meet the need, but DO NOT over build or over acquire – the resulting financial stress can destroy an organization.

Specific steps in the needs and resources analysis:

  1. Review the Vision and Strategic Plan for the organization. Identify the most important project or projects will move the strategic plan forward at this time.  Can the project be done as a whole, or should it be broken up into several steps?
  2. Review historical cash flow, projected cash flow to understand budget and available funds for a new construction, a possible business acquisition or other projects.
  3. Available equity or cash for down payment
  4. Regulatory Requirements by local authorities (environmental, building codes, zoning, licensing, etc.)
  5. New revenue generation strategy to offset new expenses
  6. Look for synergies with suppliers & customers for added efficiencies and lower cost per customer.
  7. Real Estate Options
      • Space Needs- Now and in the future
      • New facility – expansion, acquisition, new construction
      • Remodel existing facility
      • Financing Options – (Availability of Money, Structure, Flexibility & Interest Rate)


An effective analysis of resources and needs will be instrumental in moving your strategy forward toward the ultimate vision for your organization.  This analysis keeps your leadership team on track and establishes the common goal (the mission) for all team members to executive from the leadership team down to individual contributors.

Trinity Financial Consulting leads our clients through this process with expertise.